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Enhanced Acronis Backup Reporting

The XtrActi tool was borne of the need to provide MSP’s, as well as businesses and their IT departments, with a user-friendly Acronis backup reporting platform for viewing meaningful and automated results.

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Let Your Acronis Backup Reporting Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

A Summarised View of Acronis Reporting

MRBSecure’s in-house team, in close collaboration with DataWarrior, developed the XtrActi tool which extracts customised, relevant backup data out of the Acronis portal and into Microsoft Power BI utilising Power Apps for ease and efficiency of management viewing and reporting.

Detailed and visible Drill Down Reporting

Benefits of XtrActi for MSP's

Simplified Root Cause Analysis



Significant Reduction in Response Times



Huge Reduction in Engineering Intervention



Up Selling and Cross Selling Opportunities

A Mobile Management Dashboard Application

Contextually Correct and Meaningful Reports

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