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Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Studies

Pen testing

MRB offers intense and customised services in this category which are provided by by our highly qualified and experienced team.

About the service

This service is a deep penetration vulnerability offering reliant on solid scoping information regarding the customer’s IT infrastructure, connectivity, and areas of operation.

What this service is not

This is most definitely not an off the shelf software application which runs an unchartered and unmanned system scan to spit out a penetration test result. We offer an in-depth personalised service, customised to your requirement.

Ongoing analysis

Just remember, a criminal hacker has all the time in the world to attack you, we have only days or weeks to find the real vulnerabilities and the weaknesses exploited by criminals.

Ongoing services in this regard are therefore essential in the battle against cybercrime.

The services are provided in two phases, allowing the Business Executive

to decide on ongoing costs based on real risk factor reporting:

Phase 1


In this phase, we include the face-to-face discovery and scoping of the customer’s systems and infrastructure, as well as 3 weeks of intense testing as described in our Services section. Ongoing cost implications thereafter become a choice for the customer as Phase 2.

Phase 2


This phase is based on Phase 1 results-driven application of ongoing vulnerability studies whilst remedial action is being undertaken. This phase is an annual time-based contract for ensuring continued reporting and further adjustment to remedies.

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