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  • Malcolm Tutt

What if we said that "Backups Beat Ransomware"?

How can SMBs protect themselves?

Benjamin Franklin said that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Every system has vulnerabilities, this is an indisputable fact! Here, at MRBSecure,we see this as "Man-made = Man-breakable". Software, firmware, applications; whatever mechanisms are written into them for protection and security, all can and, will, have just as many mechanisms to breach them.

Maybe it is time for a mindset change?

What if we said that "Backups Beat Ransomware"?

Could it be true?

Simply put YES!

If Backups Beating Ransomware is the cure - what are the preventions?

We suggest there are four preventions.

Strong Passwords and Multi-Factor Authentication

  • This doesn't / needn't only apply to user logins it applies to devices like routers and printers

  • Make sure and continuously check that default admin passwords have been disabled

  • Multi-factor authentication isn't infallible

    • It just makes it much more difficult to gain entry

Accept that Cyber Events will happen

  • Believing that it will "Never happen to you" is like the proverbial ostrich with his head in the sand

  • What is important is knowing what to do when it happens

  • You need a fit-for-purpose Response Plan (CiRP)

  • No need for over-kill

  • Not every incident requires 24*7 intervention

Fortified Data Protection

  • Protect your Data!

  • Review your company backup strategy, it is more than just RPO and RTO

  • Build security around your data

    • (ISMS - Information Security Management System)

  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Solutions must be in place and kept up to date

  • Keep on Patching


Elevated levels of Awareness

  • Your people are your best defence!

  • Think of them as "Human Firewalls!"

  • Practice makes perfect

  • Conduct awareness campaigns



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