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  • Jeremy Thorburn

Cyber Security Tips

Prevent cyber attacks by regularly employing the following cyber safety tips that will help protect yourself against the growing variety of more sophisticated cybercrimes:

  • Constantly update your software

This safety measure is extremely important mostly when you are operating systems and internet security software. Very often, cybercriminals use known exploits or flaws in your software in order to gain access to your computer. Patching those flaws and exploits can reduce the chances of you becoming a target of attack.

  • Create strong passwords

Make sure not to repeat your passwords on different websites. Keep changing your passwords regularly and make them complex so that they cannot be easily guessed by strangers. Let your passwords be a blend of at least 10 letters, symbols, numbers, and special characters. A password management application will help in keeping your passwords locked down.

  • Strengthen your home network

It is a good idea to begin with a strong encryption password and a virtual private network. A VPN is capable of encrypting all traffic leaving your devices until it arrives at its destination. Even if cybercriminals get to hack your communication line, they will not intercept anything but encrypted data. Hence, it is a good idea to use a VPN every time you use a public Wi-Fi network, whether in a café, library, airport, or hotel.

  • Manage your social media settings

Remember to always keep your private and personal information locked down. Refrain from sharing your personal details publicly. This may be difficult but the lesser the details you expose the more beneficial it is for you as your chances of being attacked will also reduce.

  • Be aware of major security breaches

If you are doing business with a merchant or have an account on a website that has been impacted by a security breach, find out what data the hackers accessed and instantly change your password.

  • Adopt measures to protect yourself against identity theft

Identity theft happens when someone illegally obtains your personal data in a way via deception or fraud, mostly for economic gain. You could get tricked into giving personal data over the internet, or a thief could steal your email to access account details. This is why it is essential for you to protect your personal data. A VPN also protects the data you send and receive online, particularly when accessing the internet on public Wi-Fi.

  • Brief your child about the internet

At home, it is a necessity that you teach your kids about acceptable use of the internet without locking down communication channels. Children will have to be comfortable in approaching their parents if they experience any kind of online harassment, bullying, or stalking.

The growing usage of the internet and social media has made cyber safety even more important than it was before. The increase in sophisticated cyber threats like phishing scams, data theft, and several other cyber vulnerabilities insist on the need for users to be alert and always be conscious of protecting their data. Understanding the above-discussed cyber attacks and the different cyber safety measures will surely help individuals to think before sharing or posting any data via the internet or on social media websites. Parents should also talk to their children about various cyber safety tips. In this way, the future generation will be well-informed about the dangers of the internet and also know how to protect themselves by adopting suitable cyber safety tips.


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