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  • Mikaila Menezes

Breakthrough in Acronis Backup Reporting!

The XtrActi tool was borne of the need to provide MSP’s, as well as businesses and their IT departments, with a cost-saving user-friendly Acronis backup reporting platform for viewing meaningful results.

MRBSecure’s in-house developed XtrActi tool extracts customised, relevant backup data out of the Acronis portal and into Microsoft Power BI and MS Teams utilising Power Apps for ease and efficiency of management viewing and reporting, thus saving thousands in man hours.


• Summarised View of Acronis Backup Reports

• Mobile Management Dashboard Application

• Detailed and Visible Drill Down Reporting

• Contextually Correct and Meaningful Reports


• Detailed and Visible Drill Down Reporting

• Significant Reduction in Response Times

• Huge reduction in Engineering intervention

• Up Selling and Cross Selling opportunities

The XtrActi tool is supported by an Enhanced Report containing a graphical visualisation of the detailed technical data. This can be analysed using your company's proprietary tools, making the tool extremely cost effective.

As a result, the direct time and resources saved by using XtrActi are a hugely significant financial benefit.

Visit the XtrActi website here:

‘’With only 50 Platinum partners in all of EMEA, and only five in Africa, MRBSecure finds itself in elite company and comes on their 12th anniversary of doing business.’’

- Jacques Smit, Acronis Channel Account Manager (Africa)

For more information, please email us at: to arrange a demo.

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